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    We work with global FMCG (CPG) brands to scale creative content, localise high-visibility media and produce powerful omnichannel experiences.

    From cosmetics to toiletries, and beverages to food products – we work with a gamut of global FMCG brands to create, scale, version, optimise and adapt linguistic and creative content to local consumer demographics.

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    FMCG (PCG) businesses have a competitive retail and digital landscape – the market size is large, the turnover high and consumer base wide. For brands who are competing for global market shares, standing out and reaching consumers in a way that speaks to them has never been more important.

    The recent surge in online activity means that this is no longer just a question of improving prominence in retail and points of service, but also boosting brand presence on corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and social channels. Locaria offers an all-encompassing solution that has been designed to empower brands as they globally scale content to reach their audience.

    Using proven methods, our research team burrows deep into local market insights to provide data-driven recommendations that fuel international growth. This scope of Online Market Testing Services act as the key to devising a robust internationalisation strategy, including analyses on localisation approaches and market entry planning.

    As soon as brands are confident that they have identified their key market segments, we bring in an experienced team of linguists and content planners that take the lead in helping to select the right translation mix for nuanced materials – retail, e-commerce, website, online video etc. Our methodologies range from origination, human translation, Machine Translation with Human Post-Editing (MTHPE), localisation and transcreation.

    And it doesn’t stop there – we own the outcome as well as the process of mass-media campaigns, ensuring that we meet exacting linguistic standards and optimal levels of performance.

    Optimising media using our proprietary Performance Linguistics ®, we measure the impact of great multilingual content using key digital marketing metrics and apply this approach to improve PPC, SEO, Display, Social Media as well as on and off-site content localisation.

    Our creative team takes a hands-on approach when accompanying brands in the developments of their international content and campaigns, taking brilliant ideas and transforming them into powerful, scalable content made for local and global stages. Creative Production & Adaptation expertise includes VFX, video production, photography, post-production, virtual and augmented reality, e-commerce content, social media content etc.

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