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    Quality is of the utmost importance to Locaria as we recognise it is a key consideration for our clients.

    The Quality policy sets out the guiding principles for how we will ensure a culture where quality is embedded throughout, ensuring success for our clients and respect for the languages and culture in which we work.

    The Organisation operates a Quality Management System that has gained ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 17100 : 2015 certification, including aspects specific to its scope of certification.

    The management is committed to:

    1. Develop and improve the Quality Management System
    2. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
    3. The enhancement of customer satisfaction.

    Quality Objectives

    Locaria recognises that Quality Management is an important part of our activities and is based upon a culture of continuous improvement and striving for excellence. The key objectives of our Quality Framework are closely aligned to our Values:

    Locaria Value

    Quality Objective

    We Grow Together

    Proactively identify ways to maintain and improve quality wherever possible and see the provision of an excellent and reliable service as a shared responsibility.

    Measurable: systematic feedback processes in place, both internally and with partners and clients

    Always Learning, Always Teaching

    Maintain linguistic and digital marketing skills, keeping up to date with changes in language, technology, client priorities and the industry at large. Share these learnings amongst each other to push up standards across the team and with our wider network.

    Measurable: a full and evolving training suite that keeps up with our new propositions and technologies, made available to all Locarians. Systematic management of process change and documentation

    Celebrating Language with Data

    Through shared tools and resources, gather data on quality so that we can innovate solutions to ensure the reduction of waste and errors at all points of our service.

    Measurable: Quality scoring is implemented throughout the production process and is also a key part of vendor management

    Equality in Content

    Maintain consistently high quality standards across the team, regardless of function, language or location.

    Measurable:deliverables and client satisfaction are consistent across regions, industries and services

    Through the purposeful management of quality and continuous improvement, Locaria is committed to providing an excellent service that our customers and their customers can rely on.