Media Activation

Using a data-driven approach to email marketing translation and transcreation.

We create campaign content of the highest quality, to ensure that the best subject lines, copies, structure and CTAs are used, to drive effectiveness from each segment in your target market. Research shows that language remains the main barrier when it comes to online purchasing decisions.

Besides improving the UX overall, localising your marketing communications for your target audience enhances the brand experience, to acquire new customers and nurture existing customer relationships. A well-executed multilingual email marketing strategy can help accelerate your growth and drive longer term customer engagement.

When activating CRM campaigns across multiple languages, strategic decisions need to be made on whether the localise or transcreate content based the style and creativity of the source material. Locaria works with clients as a partner, to suggest when content is not appropriate, relevant or tailored sufficiently for the local market, and recommend when to originate and when to copywrite emails to meet local market demands.


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