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    Locate: Global Content System

    Locate offers a centralised, cloud-based content delivery platform. It allows clients to regain control over their content delivery processes, increasing efficiency and ensuring a unified brand voice.

    • Reduce project-related email traffic by 80%
    • Increase delivery efficiency by 35%
    • Reduce response times by 50%
    • Reduce quote times by 25%

    Multilingual Content Intelligence Platform

    One centralised and integrated platform for all types of content adaptation including translation, localisation, transcreation, copywriting, via our highly scalable network of 1000+ in-market linguists covering 100+ languages.

    • Briefing and Requests
    • Monitor Timelines
    • Track Project Status
    • History for Audit, Storage, Pricing
    • Reporting of Spend and Trends
    • 24/7 Access
    • Integrated Technology System
    • Direct Communication Platform with in-market content experts Resource Allocation
    • Workflow Definition
    • Storage of ToV, Style Guide and Terms Base
    • 3-layer QA Process
    • Real-time Asset Review and Approval
    • Performance Tracking and Feedback

    The explosion in cross-border commerce and international trade in recent years has resulted in fragmented content for many brands. Clients have struggled to find an effective version control system, achieve stakeholder sign-off across disparate locations, and deliver consistency in their communications. The result has been increased translation costs for many.

    Clients can use our secure, cloud-based client portal, Locate, to manage the briefing process. They can request quotes, create orders, track progress, and receive the final assets. As such, it’s much more than a translation project management system.

    Key features

    • Real-time dashboard reporting
    • Fast interaction via a dedicated, secure site
    • Access to in-market content experts in all markets globally
    • Smart resource allocation, performance scoring and feedback
    • Workflow definition including approval steps
    • Secure storage of tone of voice, style guides and term bases
    • Integrated multi-layer quality assurance process
    • Real-time online asset review and approval
    • API integration with CMSs, EPSs, marketing asset management softwares etc.
    • Keyword-savvy: optimised for digital marketing performance

    As a comprehensive content inventory software, all deliverables are stored in Locate, which functions as a content repository tool and archive of all delivered work. Locate supports managing translation services such as copywriting, adaptation, localisation and transcreation, but also creative services such as video editing, voiceover, community management and photography.
    Our enhanced translation management system can be connected via API with most CMS’, ESPs, and other systems such as end-to-end automation, digital asset management software and dynamic creative software.

    With Locate, clients have access to real-time dashboards displaying reports on spend, number and type of projects, languages used, and much more, organising content and workflow in a single location. Read the Locate Case Study here.