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As an experienced international PPC content agency, we know that all search engines have distinct rules and limitations for keywords and ad copy.

Specific skills are required to create effective PPC translation campaigns in a foreign language whilst still adhering to these regulations.

Even the highest-quality written content isn’t guaranteed to drive traffic to your website unless it meets pay-per-click rules.

Optimise your PPC campaigns for global markets

The ultimate equilibrium exists in content that reads naturally and increases website traffic, yet still maintains consistency with brand identity, style, and terminology. Our PPC Content Consultants use their linguistic knowledge to deliver ad copies targeting your audience efficiently. They understand that headlines, description lines and call-outs must be localised with the right balance of digital efficiency and linguistic optimisation. Rather than only relying on an English source, our international PPC specialists base their content on meticulous keyword research. They ensure that the keywords are relevant to the brand and the targeted market. They know that brand identity, style and terminology matter for a brand. The messaging needs to be clear, simple and highlight your USP in any foreign language to increase website traffic.

PPC translation and localisation can help expand paid search internationally

Locaria provides PPC translation services for Google Adwords and Bing along with other international search engines such as Yahoo Japan!, Naver, Baidu and Yandex. Partnering with major search engines enables us to apply the most relevant data for successful ad campaign creation. Combined with our analysts’ linguistic flair and in-depth knowledge of the industry and best practices in paid search, you can rely on them for full and effective coverage of your target markets and languages.

PPC translation and localisation helps to build brand awareness in different territories and also gauge international growth opportunities. If you’re running advertising campaigns in foreign countries, you must consider translating your PPC ads for your performance marketing strategy to be efficient. Rest assured that our PPC content specialists will capture your brand’s tone of voice, use the best USPs and find hyper-relevant keywords to increase conversion rates for your multilingual campaigns to be competitive also in new markets.

Improve the performance of localised ads with A/B testing

Our team of multilingual PPC experts want your multilingual campaigns to perform well and performance linguistics is their focus. That’s why they approach content differently than traditional translation agencies. Terminology, syntax, or CTA use can have a different impact on CTR. Our demonstrable experience in paid search proves that the localisation process also affects digital performance. The more original the copy is, the more chances there are to increase PPC conversions. Regardless of the method, we ensure that the brand copy resonates with the audience in each market and language.

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