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    Writing a sustainable future

    As a business, we take a proactive approach to addressing the impact our business has on society and the environment. We have developed an extensive CSR and Sustainability Policies with multiple social and environmental initiatives, such as sustainable travel, volunteering investments and a selective approach to the types of businesses that we work with.

    Environmental Sustainability

    We’re eco-warriors on a mission. We’ve teamed up with Ecologi, the green guardians who aim to halve Earth’s carbon emissions by 2040 (talk about fierce!), and plant enough trees to make Mother Nature high-five you with sunshine. Every unavoidable business flight gets magically neutralised, because carbon footprints? Not on our watch.

    Green gifts? Say no more! When you work with us, with our green corporate gifting cards, 250 babies of the forest get planted in our clients’ names. That’s the kind of impact we’re making together.

    Social Responsibility

    At Locaria, we fuel good vibes. Not just by building awesome content, but by igniting the changemakers within. We believe in weaving kindness into the fabric of our communities, with every stitch driven by passion and purpose.

    Our Volunteering Policy is the passport to making a difference. We provide all of our teams with paid time off each year to dive headfirst into causes they care about, which is in line with one of our core values, doing good along the way.

    But wait, there’s more! Our CSR calendar is a treasure trove of organised volunteering events. At Locaria, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Come join us, and let’s paint the world with a kaleidoscope of kindness, one volunteer adventure at a time.

    Client Consciousness

    We take a considered and selective approach to the clients that we decide to set up long-term partnerships with. We understand that our strategic approach to content can be leveraged to drive new user acquisition, and as a result, we refrain from supporting brands that sell tobacco products, engage in mining the earth for unsustainable commodities or provide platforms for problem gambling. 

    We understand that there are good and bad within all sectors, and as a result we take an individual approach when considering sensitive client categories. This approach allows us to retain the best talent, freelancers and ensure that we align our agency growth to our social and sustainability goals.