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Media Optimisation

Youtube videos have become an important format in content marketing over the years.

Whether it’s for lead generation in B2B or for capturing consumer’s attention in B2C, video content can be instrumental in the sales funnel. That’s why, it’s essential to produce content in the language that resonates best with your target audience. In an extremely competitive platform such as YouTube, securing visibility on niche topics is crucial to have conversions.

At Locaria, we are able to deploy video campaigns in any market. To make sure they are successful, our specialists include YouTube’s SEO strategy in the localisation process.

Define a YouTube SEO strategy to leverage visibility and engagement:

Improve the ranking of your videos in YouTube search bar

The first goal of video production is visibility to the target audience to build brand awareness for your product or service. YouTube offers great exposure since it is the second most visited website in the world after Google. Similarly to SEO for a website, you can influence the position of your video during the search, with different video SEO elements.

Our in-market specialists identify search suggestions for topics on YouTube using keyword research. This enables them to understand the search patterns in different countries. Then, they create titles and descriptions matching the users’ search intent in the target language. Ranking positions depend on keyword relevancy and search volume.

Our language experts, with extensive digital marketing knowledge, factor in the latest industry developments that can impact on your video rankings, such as YouTube tags, closed captions (CC) etc.

Increase YouTube video engagement

YouTube video engagement and ranking highly correlate. Not only do visitors need to click on your videos but they also need to stay on them. Each interaction signals that your content is relevant. Therefore, the videos’ chances of appearing in the top results in both Google and YouTube increase exponentially.

Our analysts focus on different touch points and technical aspects. Persuasive and stylistically sound copy in video thumbnails and call to actions (CTAs) hold as much importance as YouTube cards and end screens. They also ensure that there is consistency in language between the images displayed in the video and the language spoken in it. This mitigates the risk of disruption in the visitor’s journey. To sum up, all these details contribute to improving the user experience.

Optimise your YouTube channel

A well-optimised YouTube channel can strengthen your organic visibility as well as your brand equity. Our team will help you adopt video best practices to take your local channel to the next level. This includes writing a channel description with popular search terms for your target market while ensuring that it corresponds to your regional offer.

YouTube will usually show videos in the local language selected and take into account the customer experience (CX). Adding closed captions in different languages not only optimises your content but also helps to reach out to a wider audience. It improves the customer experience (CX) in general and can make your international community grow.

Providing insightful videos organised around specific themes (content hubs) is also a good strategy to maximise optimisation. Creating a video playlist is a best practice that helps you to structure your content and helps with keeping your viewers engaged. The idea is to build a knowledge hub strengthening your channel’s authority. This includes external links to your website in your video descriptions. Besides, it is essential to establish consistent brand imagery around your published videos. Our specialists can also advise on the channel layout as it ultimately makes your brand recognisable for your target audience.

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