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Our analysts work closely with technical teams to provide on-site and off-site content that is stylistically appropriate whilst also in accordance with regional SEO requirements.

We plug content gaps to protect and grow your brand equity in all markets.

As an international SEO localisation agency, we know that organic performance requires a balance of linguistic and market knowledge of the country you want to target. At Locaria, we have built a comprehensive offer encompassing a wide array of multilingual SEO services enabling your website to be visible in the search results of the world’s top search engines.

You can rely on our team of analysts to develop content optimisation strategies into any foreign language. Our trained SEO translators produce SEO-friendly content such as on-page copy, blog posts, and localised metadata meeting local search engines’ standards. If you are interested in offsite SEO, our flexible multilingual talent pool can also support you when outreaching to local influencers and publications.

Build your international SEO strategy with us

A focus on multilingual keyword research

Locaria takes pride in its digital content creation, tailored to resonate with local audiences. Before creating any on-site content, our SEO translators always carry out localised keyword research. They look for relevant keywords matching the user search intent and existing search volumes.

This international keyword research completed by our in-market specialists is essential to capture accurate terminology. They have access to data from different global search engines depending on where they’re based: Baidu for mainland China, Yandex for Russia, or Naver for South Korea.

Background research reinforces your localised content reach. Our translators add this expertise to their linguistic palette, enabling them to create meta content, SEO optimised copy and repurposed blog posts. They produce authentically localised work, which speaks to the visitors of your website. 

Identify content gaps with an international SEO Audit

Unlike traditional translation agencies, we have a more proactive approach when it comes to content. Our linguists perform an SEO content audit of your website to determine what are the quick-wins and which digital content creation can sustain your growth. We make well-researched recommendations of improvements that will drive your growth.

Our expertise is backed up with proprietary technology, which enables us to analyse your website and your content needs. Whether you want origination, transcreation, or localised content, linguistically sound SEO and meta content copywriting, international link building campaigns or website health checks, we have got you covered.

Optimise your multilingual content marketing

Passionate about their home markets, the team keeps up to speed on current trends, as well as industry developments and concerns. Additionally, our in-market network is not simply concentrated in major metropolitan areas. Instead, it sits deep within the markets, observing cultural changes at a grassroots level, enabling us to advise clients with authority. 

Local market analysts are always involved in campaign ideation, ensuring market preferences, key events, and current trends are built in from the very beginning. They also liaise with our broad network of online publications and key opinion leaders in their own language and time zone to build strong, lasting relationships.

Being multicultural is in our DNA. As a diverse multilingual SEO agency, the spectrum of different cultures represented by our in-house team is as broad as it gets, with only two native English speakers in our global team.

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