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Media Optimisation

We use a range of advanced data science methodologies to enrich our research process, support all types of content creation and measure the true incremental impact of our work.

Our analysts and linguists can automatically execute translations using a variety of software tools and select the best outcome for their required language combination.

We also use training data, built using natural language processing tools, to automatically identify, filter and categorise text which can then be used in market research, sentiment analysis or to ensure better relevancy in our digital marketing campaigns.

Unique to Locaria, is the application of incrementality testing data expertise to measure the true impact changes to content, structure or marketing strategies can have on the key performance indicators of our clients.

Our data scientists and analytics teams have extensive experience working with global blue-chip companies to develop single channel and cross-channel testing strategies, create measurement frameworks and feed the results into media-mix-models to boost our clients’ business objectives.

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