Localisation & Adaptation


Scripts, Supers & Subtitles help to stretch assets across more markets. 

We help a range of creative and production agencies, along with many of our clients directly, to bring a suite of our services into multimedia adaptation projects, leveraging translation, localisation, transcreation and transcription of source texts, and audiovisual services including voiceovers, subtitling, local market talent selection. 

We sit as a consultative partner, advising on ways to approach each and every project, whether that’s adapting a TV campaign, YouTube advert, social media content series, product showcases, how-tos and explainers, with the ability to take source content into over 75 different languages. 

Script Localisation

We take story-boards and provide guidance on where the script may need adapting to have the same effectiveness within the target market. While this is primarily a linguistic task, it often requires close collaboration with creative producers, to ensure that the pacing matches to the timecodes, as languages can take longer or shorter to convey the same piece of information. 

We have experience working on challenging projects with scripts that have rhythm or rhyme, helping to recreate the jingle within the target language, often using very different words, but ultimately retaining the same intent and engagement, but drawing on more local market references. 

Supers & Subtitles

With the rise of digital video and audio advertising, it is crucial for your content to reach the target audience. We provide end-to-end support in transcribing audio content and time-coded captions so that assets can then be adapted for new markets and new formats, or so local activations can be understood by global marketing teams for consistency. 

Subtitles play an important role in digital video adaptation, especially with the rise of video platforms such as YouTube where closed captions and SRTs are used by algorithms to understand and rank content, and on social platforms where 82% of users watch video content with the sound off. This has significantly increased the importance of the art of adapting and embedding subtitles to engage with audiences with relevancy and in perfect sync. 

Voiceover & Talent Casting

A key way to reach and engage your audience is through voice-overs and leveraging local talent. This process entails many technical, cultural and linguistic aspects to ensure the specific brand voice, style and intention of each project is conveyed.

Locaria can provide support at every step of the production process. First, voice scripting that conveys the intended message; voice casting that represents and connects with the target audience; dubbing and voice-overs with linguistic support from our language experts; assembling all the aspects together through video editing to ensure everything matches perfectly; and finally, video proofing as our last step to provide quality assurance. 

We can also provide real-time linguistic support and dialect coaching during filming/taping audiovisual content in order to ensure the correct local community is being portrayed in a way that is culturally sensitive or regionally authentic.

Using data and language insights, we are able to extract the precise vocabulary, tone of voice, and cultural nuance for each multimedia project. This includes voice casting and scripting for target markets, subtitling, origination, and proofing to ensure the target content matches the pace and context of the original version.