Localisation & Adaptation

We use the latest linguistic technology to deliver high volumes of translated content with consistency, speed and commercial value

Content that is authentic to local audiences empowers brands to grow, connect and build excitement with their customers. Replicating this quality across markets, touchpoints and formats can be a daunting challenge, especially when done at scale. We leverage a combination of translation technologies, human expertise and flexible resource structures, to deliver content with authority, passion and pride.

Content appears in many different formats, in different lengths, and with varying levels of commercial importance. It is therefore rarely a one-size-fits-all approach, and so consideration needs to be taken on which methodologies to invest in and when, and where technology can be applied to drive efficiencies. 


Very simply, this involves taking a document in one language and translating it directly into another while ensuring the right grammar, terminology, and phraseology has been used in the target language.

While typically low in cost, the lack of background research, limited discussion on how the asset will be used, or consideration into how to recreate creative concepts and communications, will often result in terminology errors, literal and unengaging translations, truncation on ad copy character limits and underperforming marketing assets.  



Adaptation that embeds cultural nuances and language trends for a specific target audience. Very close to the translation process, but the target content format is updated based on the target platform and target market requirements. For example, it would consider elements such as currencies, time formats, holidays, and cultural nuances and flag any decision making back to the client.

Within a marketing context, it would also ensure that content meets the needs of the media platforms or communications campaigns. This is an often-overlooked element, as languages have large variations in the copy space required to replicate the same sentence, and copy space is often regulated by platforms or defined by creative templates. 


Term Base & Brand Guidelines

We adopt a collaborative approach with our clients in building termbases and brand guidelines to increase brand consistency and quality across assets and languages. 

A Termbase may specify the preferred translation of a given word, its definition, and its usage rules. It may also include phrases often used to describe a brand, common keywords for a specific industry, and localised terms for the target audience. 

Brand guidelines are vital for marketing content to ensure a consistent desired tone of voice, visual style standards, and specific linguistic choices. It makes international expectations and standards clear from the get-go and ensures a consistent customer experience across channels to boost brand loyalty.

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