talent management

Localisation & Adaptation

Exceptional creative talent is at the heart of great content. Locaria has an extensive network that spans both the globe and the skill sets to produce effective marketing results.

From copywriters, to linguists, voice-over artists, animators and producers, our carefully curated and diverse talent pool allows for global content scaling with exacting quality standards.

Clients engage Locaria to support with talent management to ensure acquisition & retention of the best talent, decreased delivery risk, increased flexibility and increased negotiation power.

Locaria’s dedicated sourcing team delivers:

  • Human relationships, loyalty and room for negotiation
  • Varied and flexible hiring models to suit business needs
  • Tailored talent searches
  • Escalation point

Our scalable processes allow for:

  • Frictionless onboarding and invoicing
  • Systematic vetting & training
  • Early-stage expectation management, reducing future issues
  • Performance feedback & standardised corrective actions
  • Improved understanding of vendor capabilities and availability

Using our system Locate provides:

  • Always-on global access for talent and project managers
  • Single source of truth for briefs, deliveries and payments
  • Powerful database search functionality
  • Vendor star ratings
  • Ringfencing of resource pools
  • Allocation of preferred resource
  • Optional integration with other creative and linguistic workflow tools

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