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Research & Insights

So you know you want to grow internationally, while keeping control of monetary and reputational risks, but where should you invest? Which marketing channels should you introduce and when?

Locaria takes an Agile approach to new market entry, demonstrating at what point in the process each digital marketing channel should be introduced.

In this way, brands can quietly test new markets without the monetary and reputational risk of a big launch. In addition, some clients look to us for tailored market research for their vertical or product selection. We provide in-depth analysis of search trends, competitor activity and market nuances, while providing recommendations for new market entry strategy and the best localisation approach.

This incremental approach selects markets to test based on three key factors: existing search volumes, localisation need, and ad space opportunity. Starting from a small hyper-localised PPC base, the case for further investment in a market is gained over three months through a Global Market Scoping Test.

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