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    Working with Locaria means being part of a wider team and collaborating with top talent from all across the globe, from linguists, translators, post-editors and copywriters to designers, video editors, producers, digital marketing specialists and voice-over artists. We foster an inclusive environment which puts diversity, communication and close collaboration at the heart of everything we do. 

    If you’re interested in being part of a global marketing network, please contact our vendor management team at:

    Please note, we never recruit via Whatsapp or Telegram and are aware of scams that may use these methods. 

    Working With Freelancers

    Selection Process 

    We seek the best global talent and handpick writers, designers and artists for the job. This means that all candidates and CVs are placed through quality screen checks and test projects before being commissioned to work on marketing projects or assigned to longer term client retainers. 

    Continuous Development

    Developing an arsenal of new skills and expertise is the key to career development. We organise regular training and optional drop in sessions for our freelancers, to help them develop knowledge in areas such as approaches to cultural research, performance marketing tactics, transcreation methodologies and creative adaptation processes. By investing in our freelancers, we can offer a more strategic and refined service to our client, and allows us to create long term partnerships with our talent pools. 

    Quality Monitoring

    Both freelancer and client satisfaction is at the top of our agenda. As much as it is important for us to know that freelancers are happy with their domain expertise, it is also essential for our clients to rest assured that their content is in the right hands. We continuously monitor the performance of each freelancer to ensure the highest quality outputs, as well as scheduling regular reviews to ensure project satisfaction. 

    Working With Our Vendor Managers

    First Point of Contact

    The Vendor Manager (VM) is your first point of contact when communicating with Locaria. Your designated Vendor Manager will introduce you to the company and the opportunities we are able to offer as part of your freelancing collaboration with us. 

    Profile Management

    Our team of Vendor Managers will handle your personal information, and the data you decide to share with us – via email, CV and profile – in our systems, in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only will the VM inform you on how to create your profile in our database, but will also guide you through any update you would like to make on it. 

    Freelancing Rates 

    The VM is in charge of conducting all negotiations related to rates – and your role – and will help you establish fair and competitive rates that are mutually beneficial in terms of collaboration and productivity.

    Contract & Paperwork

    The team will oversee contract and paperwork processes to streamline vendor relationships. Our VM team will also help to solve all questions pertaining to legally binding paperwork. 


    The VM will answer all inquiries regarding invoicing: how to create your invoice, when and how you will be paid and available payment method.s

    If you’re interested in being part of a global marketing network of top talent, then please apply to be part of our freelancing network.