Research & Insights

Our desk researchers use in-language resources to uncover trends, cultural insights, and competitor analysis to share with our clients that are expanding in new markets.

Working with both qualitative and quantitative research, our language expertise delivers highly localised survey content, eliminating ambiguity and increasing clarity of insight.

In-Market Research Documents

Our go-to-market presentations draw from our in-market talent network and expansion experience, to provide clients with a snapshot into key category trends, local audience insights, and competitor activity. 

This may involve leveraging media tools to understand media opportunities, research how competitors are positioning themselves in local communications, provide tactical analysis on rival brands, uncover relevant publishers for local activation, and bring in data from third-party quantitative and qualitative reports. 

Brand Communication Testing

We also look at our clients’ brand communications and tone of voice in their source language, providing insight to them about whether particular products, taglines, imagery or tone of voice documents will work for the local market, to give an indication on how much adaptation may be needed further down the line.


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