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    We leverage data to understand the impact of language refinement.

    Working closely within all our customer sectors, digital marketing and language services, our resources and insights addresses the key considerations and challenges for success in multilingual digital marketing. 

    Market Research

    Market Research Localisation

    Our data analytics and insights experience delivers exceptional agility and value to the Market Research sector. Working with both qualitative and quantitative research, our language expertise delivers highly localised survey content, eliminating ambiguity and increasing clarity of insight. We fluently navigate the complexities of survey structures and market nuances, powered by market research and linguistic technology.

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    Online Market

    Online Market Testing Services

    So you know you want to grow internationally, while keeping control of monetary and reputational risks, but where should you invest? Which marketing channels should you introduce and when?

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    Global Market

    Global Market Scoping Test (GMST)

    We use market research, opportunity analysis and local market knowledge to help you prioritise new market expansion. We work to an Agile methodology, running localised test campaigns in new markets to identify and grow opportunities with minimal risk and the data to make informed decisions.

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    Ethnographic Research

    We help clients to create scripts localised for many languages worldwide, cast relevant target consumers and conduct recorded interviews in their local language to really understand how they feel about a brand.

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    Multilingual Social Listening

    Multilingual Social Listening

    In the digital economy, local audience engagement and sentiments can vary significantly, depending on local nuances. We help brands explore brand perceptions, conversations and challenges in every market to ensure that content is current, relevant, and appropriate for each market.

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