Media Activation

We adapt social copy and creative to ensure that it resonates with local cultures. 

Defining your multilingual social media strategy

An increasing number of companies look for a multilingual social media agency to support them with social media campaigns. At Locaria, we understand the importance of both paid and organic social media marketing in supporting the customer journey. Our performance agency background means that we base our strategies and tactics on specific KPIs to make sure that any investment in social generates the required return.

While social media can be appropriate for many aspects of marketing, we can advise where it is most relevant depending on the local culture of your target market. We can help you achieve greater market diversity and expand your reach across a wider range of languages. We have close relationships with all leading social media platforms worldwide including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, VK, Naver and more.

Transcreate or localise your social media to better resonate with your audience

The difference between transcreation and localisation can often be confusing for retailers. For a non-specialist, it can be hard to understand what these are. Localisation goes beyond mere translation as linguists seek to include local nuances to provide clear messaging, while transcreation goes even further towards local-language creative writing, using only the intent of the source content, to reach your local customers on an emotional level. 

Our linguists can localise or transcreate your organic or promotional content on social media while respecting the target market’s cultural context and your brand tone of voice. At Locaria, we offer more than just a presence on global social media platforms. Our Content Managers analyse and recommend the best social media strategy for your industry and advise you on which local platform to run campaigns. We can deliver globally consistent campaigns as well as tailored local activity, and also offer community management services if you are unable to manage social engagement in-house.

Translate social media messages to achieve your KPIs and monitor your campaigns

In a cross-channel digital marketing strategy, social media can be actioned at any stage of the sales funnel to complete the goals you set. Whether you want to create brand awareness, foster engagement, or retain customers, our Digital Experts will build a team of linguists to meet your objective. Our cross-channel capabilities allow us to track and demonstrate incremental gains driven by social activity across a variety of digital channels.

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