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Working with both qualitative and quantitative research, our language expertise delivers highly localised survey content, eliminating ambiguity and increasing clarity of insight.

We fluently navigate the complexities of survey structures and market nuances, powered by market research and linguistic technology.

Market Research Survey Localisation:

One of our specialties is market research survey localization. We support market research agencies to efficiently localise global surveys while considering how best to keep intent, eliminate ambiguity, and increase the clarity of insight. Well-designed local surveys give valuable insights to our clients on local consumer opinions, in-market trends, and perceptions of products and concepts across regions, providing a robust base for strategic decision-making. 

Verbatims & Responses:

Many of our client’s surveys contain open-ended answers, or verbatims, that require culturally informed translation in order to decipher any meaningful findings. They can then use these findings to gauge consumer interest and to make informed decisions across an array of industries such as retail, travel, entertainment, healthcare, and finance. For example, say you’re trying to survey a Brazilian audience’s general receptiveness toward a TV show. Using verbatim translation, we can back-translate survey responses to English in order for our market research clients to understand the audience’s receptiveness towards particular elements within the program. 

Coding & Categorization:

We thematically code and categorise the responses for some clients. This ensures that the intent and tone are replicated within the original meaning of the translated text. It’s important for the target locale to have a good understanding of the material they’re being surveyed on. Through this thematic coding, we are able to better replicate the source material, ensuring that the survey material is understood across all locales. This is also a service we provide for link checking and online validation to ensure all online assets match up with their original copy.

Link Checking:

After programs are localised, they are reviewed in full and all links are checked over by one of our local market specialists. This thorough review process is meant to ensure that all elements of the survey functions properly and that the translations are appropriate and trustworthy. This layer of review is an important stage to ensure that no insight is lost due to implementation or contextual errors.

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