Research & Insights

We leverage tactical paid media activations to uncover market insights, test messaging and scope consumer demand, underpinning an agile strategy for international expansion.

Firstly, we conduct market research, which looks at digital media insights, affinity audiences, competitors and market sizing data. We then identify a selection of test markets which become the basis of the testing framework.

We set up localised ad campaigns for PPC + Paid Social, and focussing on a few core terms or products, and over a period of 2 -3 months, tweak and optimise campaigns to generate 1st party performance data, such as demand, cost-per-click and consumer engagement.

We pause activity in any underperforming markets, and double down on those showing promise, testing more products and services, or increasing reach to broader audiences or keywords.

Following post-project analysis, we build expansion roadmap recommendations for clients, and highlight any insights or learnings uncovered from the testing period, allowing for a larger scale roll-out with lower risk of poor performance, monetary wastage or reputational risk

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