Localisation & Adaptation

When working with certain types of creative content, a slower and more considered approach is needed to ensure that a message is engaging and adapted to a target language and audience.

Concepts, expressions, metaphors, humour, rhymes, and wordplay can be evocative and engaging in the source language, but difficult to work with in other languages. 


Transcreation is a process by which linguists read the source material to extract its intent, style, concepts and terminology, but then recreate messaging using their own market research and concepts that exist within the target language while retaining elements from the original ‘spirit’ of the source communications. 

This is particularly important with creative copy, headlines, straplines, puns, metaphors, or cultural content, where the languages may not share the same etymology and so the transcreator must take creative liberties to engage local audiences in an equally meaningful and authentic way.

Normally, a transcreator will work to a brief with access to brand guidelines, tone of voice, and campaign insights, before then creating several options with back translations, ensuring that the client can select the idea or angle that best fits their overarching campaign.

When working with multimedia assets, the transcreator needs to ensure that the new taglines and superimpositions fit to the timecodes or static spaces, which when working with languages with longer sentence structures, requires tricky cutting and condensing. 

Transcreation can often become a consultative task, helping out in the conception stage to ensure content is being developed with global ideas to improve multi-market consistency. 


Concepting & Tagline Testing

We work with you to understand your creative communication campaign and work with our in-market content specialists to provide advice and guidance on how cultural differences may impact the desired outcome. We regularly sit on ideation sessions or respond to briefs to qualify which are globally resonant and which are nuanced only to certain cultures.

We also help to analyse and feedback on taglines, concepts or creative decisions to demonstrate when a concept, a talent selection or a piece of communications is not relevant for an international market, and work with you to provide solutions of how it could be transcreated or reworked to achieve the same impact.