Localisation & Adaptation

We provide low cost and high speed post-production services, which involve cultural insights and global creative testing, desktop publishing, asset versioning and artworking, and optimising delivery towards media platforms or DAM uploads.

We do this to meet the ever growing needs of global marketers, who now operate across a wider spectrum of creative and media formats, with larger investments in multimedia advertising and ever increasing demands for content.

Following the rise of e-commerce, these demands have been multiplied by the presence of brands in more and more international markets, which require adapted creative and localised communications.

Leveraging the latest technology, building the smoothest workflows, and decentralising to low cost locations, allows us to bring our linguistic-first approach to developing creative assets at scale, which carefully balances speed, quality, and effectiveness, with commercial cost.

Concepting & Tagline Testing

We work with you to understand your creative communication campaign and work with our in-market content specialists to provide advice and guidance on how cultural differences may impact the desired outcome. We regularly sit on ideation sessions or respond to briefs to qualify which are globally resonant and which are nuanced only to certain cultures.

We also help to analyse and feedback on taglines, concepts or creative decisions to demonstrate when a concept, a talent selection or a piece of communications is not relevant for an international market, and work with you to provide solutions of how it could be transcreated or reworked to achieve the same impact.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing handles language-specific requirements so that all your assets relay the same message across countries and cultures. This is achieved using page layout design and formatting, typesetting, and graphic editing. These allow you to localise the text, font, images, and layout of your assets to fit the new target audience and match the integrity of the source, and can be done using software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, among many others. Multilingual DTP is principally a technical service that optimises and tailors the translation and formatting of your creative assets for the increasingly global market.

Artworking & Versioning

In order to keep cost-effective brand consistency across markets, we have created low-cost production hubs based in Eastern Europe, South America and APAC. This allows us to tackle the scaled production and adaptation of large volumes of often highly fragmented marketing assets, re-cutting, re-animating, re-templating and re-sizing, to fit the ever changing requirements of different media and marketing platforms.

Working with large volumes of visual and multimedia assets requires a competitive level of management and production. With creative agencies and content partners focussing on global ideation and strategy, we focus our skills on providing scale and speed, always looking at new technology, new workflows and new resource structures that allow us to deliver quality at a competitive price. This is known as production decoupling.

Creative Collaboration

For the efficient delivery of multimarket creative assets, creative agencies, media teams and scaled production houses need to collaborate tightly. We use the latest workflows, whether that’s communications and project management software, design technology, CAT tools, or our proprietary content delivery system Locate.

A new feature, called PRISM, allows for all stakeholders to provide feedback on a multimedia asset, leaving time stamped comments and feedback on an asset, while providing an environment for in-market content specialists to make linguistic changes and see the text previewed live on to the final asset. With logins provided to global hubs, local teams, agencies and partners, it allows for a highly efficient and collaborative workflow, ensuring seamless delivery of global assets.

For More info on Prism: https://locaria.com/technology/prism/

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