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    Our Technology

    Locaria believes in the power of bringing technology into the creative process to drive efficiencies, leverage economies of scale and ensure seamless delivery. We are continuously enhancing our solutions in response to market and client needs, resulting in a technology suite that leverages industry practice, while being customisable to the business context.

    As an agency we are ideally positioned to pick up the latest advances in marketing and localisation technology.

    • Being certified with the world's leading marketing platforms gives us access not only to data but also beta functionality and testing
    • Playing an active role in localisation industry bodies exposes us to benchmarks and collaborative opportunities
    • As part of a major global advertising network, we have access to an enviable suite of technical solutions across all channels
    Our Tech

    Locate: Global Content System

    At the heart of our services sits our all-in-one multilingual content intelligence platform, Locate.
    A cloud-based and fully customisable environment, which allows you to work seamlessly with our curated network of vetted marketing content, research and analysis experts. Locate increases workflow efficiency and consolidates fragmented assets.

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    Prism: Multimedia Management

    Prism is a dedicated client-review portal which offers unique features, blending the visual and annotation capabilities of a DAM with the advanced language-review options typical of a translation tool. Streamlining the QA and client review processes.

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    Decipher: Market Research API

    Locaria has developed an API Connector between the Locate language production environment and FocusVision Decipher, one of the most widely used survey and insights platforms.

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    AI & Machine Translation

    Built on the latest AI technology, Locaria’s Machine Translation and Human Post-Editing services deliver quality content in multiple languages at scale, and with quick turnaround times.
    Our team are experts in utilising the latest artificial intelligence engines, while protecting brand positioning and fluency.
    Blend these tools with other content production methodologies to get the most out of budgets, without sacrificing customer engagement.

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