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    Decipher: Market Research API

    decipher api

    Content fragmentation is a challenge for busy Market Research companies. Keeping track of all translatable content by email can be a long, complicated process which leads to loss of control and accountability, potentially causing fieldwork delays.

    Our API Connector, designed specifically for survey and MR platforms such as Forsta Decipher, reduces the need for long email chains, eliminates human errors, increases control and promotes accountability. The API connector has the main function of effectively relaying content and data between client survey platforms and our translation system, Locate. It can easily be configured to facilitate quick and efficient transfers of translatable material, for example open-ends, providing an ideal solution for scalable, global content.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Open-end responses are gathered and sent for translation on a daily basis during fieldwork, speeding up the coding and analysis process at client end
    • Access configuration of relevant surveys to be translated 
    • Automatic initiation of the translation process 
    • No uploads necessary – all translations are returned within Decipher or other compatible platform 
    • Full transparency and monitoring

    Faster translation means faster analysis of survey results

    Rather than waiting for fieldwork research to be concluded and for heavy exports of open-ended responses to be translated, this API connection enables daily content transfers which are fully automated. This means that open-ended translation takes place in real-time, during fieldwork, as soon as completed surveys are returned by respondents. Receiving daily translation of opens dramatically speeds up the coding process at client end and allows for faster completion of international studies. 

    Eliminating human errors

    Customising the API Connector settings reduces the amount of human intervention and bypasses the manual download and upload of content, thus eliminating the risk of processing the same task twice or delaying the translation effort.

    A more agile way of working

    Our Decipher API Connector relays content in an optimised and secured way. The fully automated process means that teams no longer have to spend time regrouping resources, exporting content for translation and then uploading the translated content when it is complete. We configure this to be handled automatically.

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