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    Decipher API for Market Research

    decipher api

    Content fragmentation is a clear challenge for busy Market Research companies. Using emails to send translation requests to a language partner can quickly lead to loss of control or accountability, and even missed deadlines and delays.

    Locaria’s Decipher API Connector is a cloud-based platform that connects a client’s FocusVision Decipher instance to Locaria’s translation platform Locate. The connector allows for quick, easy and scalable transfer of translatable content (for example, open-ended survey responses) from Decipher to Locaria and back.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Open-ended responses are sent for translation as soon as respondent completes survey​
    • Translations begin quicker
    • Translations are returned within the Decipher system – no upload needed​
    • Full transparency and monitoring​
    • Connector can only access surveys assigned to Locaria

    Faster translation means faster analysis of survey results

    Instead of waiting for fieldwork to complete and large batches of open-ended survey responses to be translated, the Deciper API enables fully automated content transfer daily, so that open-ended translation happens during fieldwork and as completed surveys come in. Receiving opens translations back daily speeds up coding dramatically.

    Eliminating human errors

    Human errors inevitably happen when different stakeholders download and upload content at different stages. Based on agreed settings, the Decipher API Connector dramatically reduces manual intervention. No more manual downloading and uploading of content, and no risk of processing the same opens twice!  

    A more agile way of working

    Our Decipher API Connector fetches and returns content in an optimised and secured way. You will no longer need to book resources to export contents for linguists or upload it back once the translation is complete. We do that automatically. 

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