website localisation

Localisation & Adaptation

At Locaria, website localisation and SEO services go hand in hand.

We employ the same linguistic skills as a translation agency, while simultaneously considering the specific commercial and SEO requirements of your target region. This ensures your site is optimised to drive relevant traffic, boost conversions, and improve your SEO ranking.

Our website localisation and organic performance teams work closely together to make sure the content we localise and originate reflects SEO best practices. All our translators and copywriters are digital-marketing savvy. With this know-how comes a passion for writing content that will engage, delight, and increase website traffic while optimising commercial performance in any language, for any market worldwide.

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We bring an agile approach to multilingual websites, infusing linguistic creativity, SEO tactics, and technology.

Your website is one of the few online spaces that allow you to communicate with your customers in an unrestricted and branded environment. It is therefore vital that it is as effective as possible at engaging visitors. Doing so requires meeting your clients in their native language. 

We place a dual emphasis on linguistic quality and cultural relevance. We can adapt your brand narrative and tone of voice to life across copy and creative assets in any language, while ensuring that there is sufficient content to satisfy the nuanced expectations from audiences in each market. 

Our Localisation Planning approach is consultative and collaborative, and defines the type, timing, and recommended investment in localised content, using cross-channel performance data and in-market insights. Tying linguistics with metrics from digital marketing and e-commerce, part of our process is to build agile approaches to international expansion, carefully testing and balancing commercial cost with content quality. 

We bring SEO tactics into the website content development process

At Locaria, we understand the strategic benefits of a localised website. Beyond simply providing a better customer experience, it drives measurable metrics, such as increases in organic traffic from local language search terms, and increases in onsite conversion rates and enables marketing teams to target broader audiences to drive more e-commerce revenue. 

We bring in our understanding of organic search, to ensure that high volume search terms are implemented within the content translations to maximise site visibility for local keywords. We ensure meta-content is shaped to fill the SERP real estate, driving more clicks and traffic. Our landing pages are tailored with persuasive copy and local call-to-action tactics to drive conversions. This process is not static, it is iterative, and is a service which delights both e-commerce and marketing teams.

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We consider content context and leverage multiple methodologies

We always recommend applying a full localisation approach considering important factors. From the core navigation, with high quality content considered to the target market, which allows local customers to feel comfortable with the features on the site; landing pages, with expertly crafted content in order to minimise wastage, drive engagement and maximise conversions; visual assets, which often require an entirely different approach such as a less constricted transcreation, or copywriting new communication from scratch, to convey a specific brand message; blogs and editorial, considering infusing localised keyword research into the process to ensure articles meet long tail search terms which will over time help the website to rank higher on search engines, driving traffic and improving sales; product descriptions, which represent the largest volumes of content for e-commerce sites. 

API Connectors & Automated Workflows

Due to the large volumes of content involved in website localisation projects, ensuring an efficient process for managing files, resources and delivery is paramount. 

Locate is our centralised content intelligence platform where we engage, manage, and grade our talent network and store tone of voice and brand guidelines. It also acts as our CAT tool, with features allowing for in-platform briefing, file review, and workflow automation. 

We are experienced in building API connections between Locate, and our clients’ CMS and content delivery platforms. Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Magento or a bespoke build, there is rarely an off-the-shelf API that works effectively, and so our team of developers are always up for the challenge of helping us to connect the dots to drive efficiency. 

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