Case Studies

Thursday August 4, 2022 - Posted by:

Creative multimedia adaptation and SEO localisation are powerful tools that can be employed to drive high levels of international growth for brands.

In this Case Study, Locaria details how it was able to support Molekule, a top-of-the-range air purification brand, and identify new markets for its global product range expansion. Gaining key, international market insights and using data to develop localised communication and marketing strategies, were the main objectives of this campaign. By building a strategic roadmap with Locaria’s cross-channel planning experts, Molekule was able to successfully develop and leverage multilingual content, and combine this with an advanced SEO localisation strategy, to expand its presence in new markets.

Read the full case study and find out more on how creative multimedia adaptation and SEO localisation can help brands to become more prominent in international markets: Molekule – Leveraging Multilingual Content to Drive International Growth