How to optimise your global content workflow for better marketing ROI

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If you’re looking for a solution to the common challenges associated with a global marketing operation – such as a fragmented and inefficient workflow – technology could come to the rescue.

Doing business across international borders can present a range of considerable challenges, such as:

  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Managing internationally dispersed teams and resources
  • Maintaining your brand’s core tone of voice while respecting cultural differences and nuances
  • Managing payments and other financial processes in different currencies

As far as your marketing is concerned, the complexities of operating in a number of different regions, countries and local markets can give rise to all sorts of obstacles and inefficiencies.

If you want to overcome them, you need to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of technology.

Enter Martech

Fortunately, modern businesses have access to a broad selection of marketing technology (or ‘martech’) solutions that can help you solve some of these common problems and inefficiencies.

Tech innovation has transformed most aspects of life and business in the 21st century, so any marketing team that fails to take full advantage of cutting-edge methods and tools is putting itself at a disadvantage.

In 2019, the martech sector had an estimated value of US$121 billion (£87 billion) globally, and nearly US$66 billion in North America and the UK alone. There are now thought to be some 8,000 different martech solutions available to businesses worldwide.

In a recent blog post, Locaria CEO Hannes Ben explored the reasons why martech has become such an important consideration for many brands and how it can help you overcome your challenges and seize new opportunities.

One example is the use of data management platforms, customer data platforms (CDPs) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to collect first-party audience data and use this to refine your marketing communications.

A CDP, for instance, could enable you to collect data such as names, email addresses and phone numbers that you can use to engage directly with individuals. These platforms can connect user information with behavioral and transactional data for richer, deeper insights. They can also be combined with your CRM, which tracks your relationships with customers throughout sales cycles and marketing engagements.

In the coming years, these tools could become increasingly important as brands look to raise transparency and make better use of customer data. They could also be a key aspect in smaller businesses’ efforts to challenge the dominance of ‘walled gardens‘ – closed ecosystems like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon that go to considerable lengths to keep their technology and user data to themselves.

A dedicated solution to consolidate your workflow

Martech certainly offers a lot of potential for you to improve and modernise your marketing operations.

When you need to consolidate your working methods in international marketing to drive efficiency, minimise wasted resources and get the best possible return on investment, it’s worth taking the time to compare specialist tools that are designed with these goals in mind.

At Locaria, we use Locate, a centralised, cloud-based content delivery system that gives you full control over your international marketing campaigns and how they are executed. It can help you achieve benefits including a 50 per cent reduction in customer response times.

Download this case study to find out how Locate helped a global retailer whose fragmented communications and loss of control over project history was creating problems including workflow disruptions, delays, duplicated efforts and increased costs.

You can also take a look at other ways we’re using technology to support our clients’ marketing and localization efforts, or just get in touch to discuss your plans and requirements in detail.

Synopsis by Nicola Pegoraro, Content Delivery Director

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