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Our values are an important part of how we work together, with our clients and each other.  We are delighted to call out exceptional work in our linguist community and this month we put the spotlight on Therese from Sweden.

Therese Nymans (Swedish Language Specialist) graduated in Translation studies at Stockholm University.  Among her main areas of sector expertise, we can highlight fashion, cosmetics, design and IT.  She has great experience working as a Language Lead, being in charge of translations, editing, transcreation and review and making sure the highest quality and consistency are delivered. 

Therese has been involved in a two-million-word project at Locaria since the beginning of March for a top brand Nordic design shop and she has not shown anything but professionalism and hard work. Her performance during this project is aligned with the Locaria value Equality through Content, as she has done a great job in elaborating the style guide and glossary according to the client’s requirements, tone of voice and audience in order to guarantee top-notch quality. 

We asked Therese a few questions about her work in the language sector:

How do you start your working day?

With coffee. Always.

Where does your passion for languages come from?

I have always loved animals, and in my teens, my plan was to become a vet. But around the same age, I started to realise that language studies came so much easier to me than all of the different science subjects, so I chose the path of least resistance and went all-in on languages, and I haven’t looked back since.

What do you enjoy the most about collaborating with Locaria?

Every single person I have met in meetings or introduction training is super friendly and passionate about their specific field of work. A pleasant and collegial atmosphere is so important, because it makes you feel part of a context, even if you work from home full-time, like I do.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced while dealing with a two-million-word project?

I think with such a huge project, consistency is always the main concern. Several translators and reviewers are involved, and the files are so massive that you really have to pay attention to what you are doing. When you are almost at the bottom of a 100K word project and have a vague recollection that you saw something right at the top that might have a bearing on what you are doing in the current segment … You have to be creative with your search queries and make sure to take lots of notes.

If you could have been born in a different country, which one would you pick and why?

This might be a boring answer, but I really am very content to have been born in Sweden. I have lived in a few different countries for longer or shorter periods, but I am very firmly rooted in Swedish soil. Also, I do love a proper winter!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Most of my free time is spent training Benny, my 3-year-old Finnish Lapphund. We have tried different activities like man-trailing, rally-o and nose-work, and recently we are venturing into herding. Being a language nerd, I am also trying to teach him to talk using word buttons. As I am typing this, he is actually nagging me to come play, so I’d better get going.

Thank you, Therese, and congratulations!

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