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    We take live-action footage and push it to the next level with high-quality visual effects that refine your brand image and maximise your engagement at the same time; galvanising visual content to create captivating scenarios.

    Editing products, scenery or any other visual elements into the picture – our VFX Designers are the masters at bringing content to life. 

    Visual Effects (VFX), also known as special effects, is the convergence between live footage and computer-generated graphics to strengthen the visual aesthetics of video material. Its objective is to make content stand out, to be more refined and ultimately to improve audience engagement and conversion with content that is on point.

    Graphic modifications are not always salient and many VFX adjustments transition seamlessly into clips without the viewer being aware. For example, in the context of scaling international content, this could mean editing a localised version of a product into a clip without the view being aware that the product switch has taken place.

    More subtle modifications include retouching images to remove blemishes, improving hue, colour etc.

    Our VFX studio works with global brands to showcase their products in the best possible light – adding and replacing supers, creating hyper-realistic visuals for prototypes, changing location scenery, adding motion to static imagery and finding other unique ways to make eye-catching live-action footage.

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