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    Grab your audience’s attention using dynamic animation. We combine creative imaging software and illustration capabilities to transform brilliant ideas into inspiring 2D & 3D imagery, creating scalable content for omnichannel distribution and global audiences.

    From static assets to moving text, objects and shapes – animation makes for dynamic and eye-catching content.

    Animation can be considered as a broad term for many different things, including more traditional animation, motion graphics, 2D animation and 3D animation. Each of these methods has its own perks and uses, varying in effectiveness for different reaches, platforms and audiences. The main difference is that 2D animation is usually less resource intensive, has a quicker turnaround time and is generally easier to modify than its 3D counterpart – however, that isn’t to say it is more effective.

    2D & 3D animation allows brands to create content outside of traditional live-action footage, and is an effective way to create engaging video content for target audiences without leaving the comfort of the office.

    Our animation specialists produce various content types for all purposes – to explain complex product specifications, to bolster the sales of specific products, to illustrate case studies or to simply create new brand content or feelgood videos. The advantage of animation is that this is highly adaptable for different consumer demographics and worldwide audiences.

    Connecting brands and companies with their audience is the underlying purpose of our animated content – and as part of a robust marketing strategy this can engage and captivate audiences, increase traffic, be scaled on social media, websites, eCommerce platforms and YouTube.

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