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    We work with brands to realise the finishing touches – using a fine set of post-editing skills that transform visual creations into masterpieces. Our talented team works with production specialists to paint a meticulous picture, ensuring that visual content looks its best.

    This includes all post-production phases, including: offline editing, colour grading and sound engineering.

    Post-Production is the final stage of editing live-action footage: while pre-production deals with the planning, production concentrates on the filming and post-production is where all of the rough clips are coherently assembled to create the final masterpiece.

    In the final stages, a post-production house can spend hours reviewing, categorising, editing, trimming and assembling footage to make sure that the best takes are pulled through and the storyboard is smoothly represented in the final edit.

    Our talented team works with production specialists using agile timelines, while ensuring efficient processes are maintained and that are projects wrapped up with immaculate finishing touches. This includes video review, footage editing, colour correction, grading, audio editing and the addition of any visual effects (VFX).

    We also work to scale finished production pieces – providing multilingual services to version, localise and optimise content after it has gone live.

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