Locaria is a pioneering digital language service provider and the only LSP certified with the world’s major search engines. We maximise the effectiveness of global content seamlessly across territory, platform and media for brands with international ambition. We combine engagement metrics with content creation processes by harnessing data from all stages of the customer journey including awareness, consideration and engagement. We do this in more than 50 languages, across more than 90 markets.

Our clients span luxury, retail, travel, hospitality, finance, tech, market research and more.

Media & Advertising

Locaria has been working with global advertising networks and leading digital agencies from the beginning. Having roots in digital marketing means we speak the language of not only end consumers, but also the entire supply chain of professionals contributing to great brand experiences and achievement of client KPIs on both a local and global scale.


As the leading segment of eCommerce, the Retail sector demands solutions that work in synergy with trends and local market conditions, as well as seasonal campaign management. We work closely with our Retail sector clients to drive success across every campaign, and every channel.

Travel & Hospitality

With a broad need for language services, our solutions for the Travel & Hospitality sector span all customer communications, driving results in user experience and measurable engagement, across all target markets. From global media to property-specific content, our multilingual campaigns are carefully designed and localised for maximum relevancy to each target audience.

Market Research

Our data analytics and insights experience delivers exceptional agility and value to the Market Research sector. Working with both qualitative and quantitative research, our language expertise delivers highly localised survey content, eliminating ambiguity and increasing clarity of insight. We fluently navigate the complexities of survey structures and market nuances, powered by market research and linguistic technology.

Luxury Goods

We support the global market share of leading luxury brands with a deep understanding of multi-channel synergies, brand keyword optimisation and localised customer engagement. Our expertise in complex markets, including MENA, APAC and Russia, delivers excellence in luxury digital marketing, while maintaining brand tone of voice in any language.


Digitisation is rapidly transforming and increasing competition across the Banking and Finance sector. We work with clients to translate and localise content for any market, while keeping up with fast-moving terminology developments (e.g. around cryptocurrencies and blockchain), to maximise relevancy for multilingual audiences.


With efficiency and speed to market being of essence for software, application and game providers, we provide time-critical support for multilingual campaigns, including Paid Media, SEO and Influencer marketing.


Our breadth of expertise and agile approach enables Locaria to work across all sectors, including FMCG, Manufacturing and Professional Services. We work with each client to tailor a solution for their specific language and digital requirements, leveraging our digital marketing heritage and linguistic capabilities. Our diverse network of in-market linguists covers a broad spectrum of sector experience and terminology.