Finnish Design Shop Consolidates Multilingual Marketing, SEO & Data Reporting with International Media & Content Agency Locaria


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Leading the way with intelligent global content creation and data reporting, Finnish Design Shop seeks to deploy an arsenal of new and innovative content strategies with the support of international media experts Locaria

Scaling content across a multitude of international markets and languages, Locaria is now supporting Finnish Design Shop by deploying refined and locally adapted content strategies, bolstering international search activity (organic and paid) and launching customised integrated-search reporting for the brand’s fully localised websites.

Finnish Design Shop is the world’s largest online store specialised in Nordic design and the official dealer of more than 300 designer Nordic-lifestyle brands. Since 2004, the brand has grown its global footprint by developing powerful internationalisation strategies to meet its growing base of digital customers. 

Accompanied by Locaria since April 2021, this brand-agency collaboration has been centred around the development of website localisation strategies in France and Germany. The successful launch campaigns, which saw 3 million words localised in the first three months, as well as rocketing online sales and shop users in both territories, have been the impetus behind the new agreement to broaden digital, data and reporting support provided by Locaria.

Teemu Kiiski, CEO, commented “Finnish Design Shop has seen exponential growth in recent years, and now we want to take it even further by working with Locaria to strengthen our global digital activity, expanding our brand footprint across our key growth markets. With continuous development of our digital strategy, we have managed to grow our business revenue by 460% in the last 5 years.”

Faced with a challenge to keep up with a continuously growing product range – more than 25,000 articles – and a snowballing international presence, the online retailer is future-proofing its multilingual content strategy to include integrated search and data reporting. These new capabilities will work in tandem with the current localisation services, including the transcreation of prominent web pages, seasonal offers, promotions and product descriptions, as well as culturally adapted SEO and keyword research.

The premise is to ensure that Finnish Design Shop can easily be found by its customers all across the digital landscape, regardless of the search language or country.

“We were extremely excited about this pitch and can’t wait to roll out a full suite of integrated search, data and reporting expertise to help Finnish Design Shop achieve its global ambitions” states Hannes Ben, CEO at Locaria. “It’s excellent to work with such an incredible brand that values the power of language, data and reporting to fuel its digital strategy.”

Locaria’s innovative processes are consistently powered by data-driven linguistics and multilingual expertise. This pitch in particular saw Locaria tasked with pushing the collaboration even further by developing an integrated search strategy which will harmonise and boost website, SEO and Paid Search activity across all live markets for the brand.

The agency successfully presented its full arsenal of customised data and reporting solutions that can be optimised across all areas of the digital journey to bring effective, tangible and measurable outcomes across all channels. Leveraging these newly integrated metrics and visualising them in a single stream of data will also generate high-level and granular overviews in the reporting dashboard, allowing key business decisions to be made more swiftly. 

“We can also pinpoint campaign effectiveness and prove the value behind linguistic choices. This is the principle of Locaria’s patented Performance Linguistics, which constructively measures the impact of multilingual content using digital marketing metrics”, details Ben. 

Despite eCommerce becoming an increasingly convoluted and competitive marketplace with more brands and options than ever before, it is still possible for online retailers to build their base and stand out from the crowd. Creating a sophisticated digital strategy, with the right international content partner for each individual market segment, is an effective way to maintain a stronger online presence. Brands need to ensure that they leverage all available data and analytics to effectively improve online sales, volume of online shop users, customer experience and overall website traffic.



About Locaria

Locaria is a pioneering global multilingual content activation agency which specialises in supporting in-house marketing and e-commerce teams, media agencies and creative production houses. We build linguistic solutions to scale content and campaigns internationally, while carefully balancing efficiency, effectiveness, creativity and quality.

We have established a unique approach to developing multilingual communications which involves leveraging digital campaign data and feedback from marketing performance, into the content creation process. We activate across all stages of the customer journey; from touchpoints for awareness, consideration and brand building, to assets designed to drive interaction and engagement, through to acquisition, optimisation and conversion.

Our aim is to maximise the effectiveness of global content seamlessly across territory, platform and media for brands with international ambition.


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