Email & CRM Marketing

Research shows that language remains the main barrier when it comes to online purchasing decisions. Besides improving the UX overall, localising your marketing communications for your target audience enhances the brand experience, to acquire new customers and nurture existing customer relationships. A well-executed multilingual email marketing strategy can help accelerate your growth and drive longer term customer engagement.

When activating CRM campaigns across multiple languages, strategic decisions need to be made on whether the localise or transcreate content based the style and creativity of the source material. Locaria works with clients as a partner, to suggest when content is not appropriate, relevant or tailored sufficiently for the local market, and recommend when to originate and when to copywrite emails to meet local market demands.


Email & CRM Marketing

To establish context,  we always execute background research on our client and their product and services, and wherever possible use brand guidelines to inform content development. We dissect every brief to understand if it’s a stand-alone message or a segment in a campaign and ensure the content matches your email segmentation strategy. We take into consideration what the goal of the content is. For example, whether it is designed to be creative brand communications, or whether it is more direct transactional messaging.

We understand that there are KPIs attached to emails and can modify content to improve open rates, click rates and actions. We optimise this process by considering historical data from campaign analytics or by organising A/B tests to understand the impact of variations of local language content. Finally, we consider the technical parameters to make sure that the content sits beautifully within the design templates and formats, ensuring that opportunities for engagement are optimised across all content.

Client feedback

“It has been fantastic working with Locaria on our translation and email projects. Their flexibility, understanding of our needs and quick turnaround times have helped us deliver strong results. We look forward to continued collaboration with the team.”


Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing