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    media optimisation

    Having developed from international digital marketing and media planning, we offer tailored solutions built at the intersection of data and creative content.

    Leveraging performance data and insights for each client, market and product, we design solutions that drive commercial excellence and measurable results. Combined with linguistic expertise, we are uniquely able to address the complexities of new-market research, testing and marketing planning, in all sectors and geographical markets.

    Performance Linguistics

    Performance LinguisticsTM

    Due to our digital marketing foundation, we are able to measure the impact of great multilingual content on your business using digital marketing metrics. We take your international content and change it to drive business performance, testing and iterating to fully optimise.

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    Dynamic Content Optimisation

    Multilingual Dynamic Content Optimisation

    The importance of language in Dynamic Content Optimisation cannot be underestimated. For brands with high volumes of campaigns, DCO is truly where creative and data converge. In addition to leveraging the data driven personalisation, correct multilingual adaptation and implementation is critical to ensure relevancy across multi-market campaigns. Dynamic campaigns use multiple layers of creative and having the right strategy for each language, aligned to the overarching data flow and automation, ensures ad relevancy and drives engagement and conversions.

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    YouTube Optimisation

    YouTube Optimisation

    Youtube videos have become an important format in content marketing over the years. Whether it’s for lead generation in B2B or for capturing consumer’s attention in B2C, video content can be instrumental in the sales funnel. That’s why, it’s essential to produce content in the language that resonates best with your target audience. In an extremely competitive platform such as YouTube, securing visibility on niche topics is crucial to have conversions.

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    Data Science and Linguistics

    Data Science & Linguistics

    Our capabilities for using data science in linguistics goes beyond the norm. In addition to expertise in traditional neural machine learning and translation technologies, we use Locate and human specialisation to deliver exceptional and bespoke solutions for clients, including incrementality testing.

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