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    Generating multilingual asset at scale. Our automated tool allows us to effectively generate subtitles at speed – all that brands need to do is confirm the relevant language combinations and let our team handle the rest.

    Taking the video assets, we coordinate the translations and ensure that the subtitling files have been successfully generate and correctly mounted to the file.

    Aside from allowing audiences to watch and engage with video clips in loud environments, subtitling can also help extend the reach of your content to audiences that are unfamiliar with the course language.

    We use advanced software and automation tools to generate multilingual assets quickly, efficiently and at scale.

    Working for one piece of live-action footage or animation, we can coordinate translations for any global and mass-media campaigns, ensuring that subtitling files have been successfully generated and mounted to creative files.

    All brands have to do is let us know the language combination, and our dedicated team will handle the rest.

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