Having developed from international digital marketing and media planning, we offer tailored solutions built at the intersection of data and creative content. Leveraging performance data and insights for each client, market and product, we design solutions that drive commercial excellence and measurable results. Combined with linguistic expertise, we are uniquely able to address the complexities of new-market research, testing and marketing planning, in all sectors and geographical markets.

Our advanced localisation planning approach is only possible because we have the right people, proven methodologies and technology to work with agility, responding to real-time, measurable data. Our solutions recognise that language, culture and customer needs are in constant flux, so the value of simple localisation projects is limited. For brands seeking competitive advantage, we provide consistent and continuous improvement across all channels and target markets.

Ethnographic Research

We help clients to create scripts localised for many languages worldwide, cast relevant target consumers and conduct recorded interviews in their local language to really understand how they feel about a brand.

Online Market Research & Testing Services

So you know you want to grow internationally, while keeping control of monetary and reputational risks, but where should you invest? Which marketing channels should you introduce and when?

Performance Linguistics®

Due to our digital marketing foundation, we are able to measure the impact of great multilingual content on your business using digital marketing metrics. We take your international content and change it to drive business performance, testing and iterating to fully optimise.

Global Market Scoping Test (GMST)

We use market research, opportunity analysis and local market knowledge to help you prioritise new market expansion. We work to an Agile methodology, running localised test campaigns in new markets to identify and grow opportunities with minimal risk and the data to make informed decisions.

APAC & Russia

Locaria covers all markets and languages for which there is an ecommerce demand. However, when it comes to paid media strategy and implementation, we work closely with our APAC division to drive the best results.