Case Studies

Tuesday March 26, 2019 - Posted by:

Overview engaged Locaria to drive traffic to its websites and increase visibility in multiple markets, including France, with a limited budget. With a specific focus on promoting their range of bottoms and shoes, the campaign needed to use engaging content to create a social buzz around the brand.

Pre-campaign analysis

We used our proprietary technology and linguistic expertise to analyse the fashion markets in the target areas. These data insights determined our engagement strategy through relevant influencers and content partners.


Working in collaboration with’s Social and PR teams, we created an interactive CityGuide for the fashion capitals of each country, aimed at engaging authoritative fashion bloggers with local market knowledge.

The interactive guide helped visitors plan trips to the cities and take in some of their most famous attractions focused on food, culture, shopping, bars and parks/outside spaces.

Users were able to choose one pin out of five choices for each theme and then create their ‘day out dashboard’. These pins were then exported to Google+ to allow them to use the CityGuide on the mobile app when they were in the cities.


Our in-house design team created the look and feel of the CityGuide according to’s style and brand guidelines.