With efficiency and speed to market being of essence for software, application and game providers, we provide time-critical support for multilingual campaigns, including Paid Media, SEO and Influencer marketing.

Our clients in the technology sector understand the importance of localisation as their products are often adapted in design to make user interfaces accessible to multilingual customers. In addition to the product, translation and localisation of supporting assets such as instructional documents, online help pages and videos are an important part of the user experience. 

For technology marketing, it is important to reach the right end users and articulate the competitive advantages of the product across all customer touchpoints, from paid media to influencer-based social media. Many tech brands benefit from a highly engaged online community, meaning authentic and accurate online content is paramount, to ensure ratings and reviews support new products and services. Furthermore, many technology clients have significant customer acquisition via reseller partners such as Amazon and Yandex, and it is essential that all online search is aligned, accurate and current when provided to marketplaces. Amplifying the user experience with carefully localised content can significantly increase online marketing returns and we work closely with our clients to create a workflow that is tailored to their business objectives.

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