Our breadth of expertise and agile approach enables Locaria to work across all sectors, including FMCG, Manufacturing and Professional Services. We work with each client to tailor a solution for their specific language and digital requirements, leveraging our digital marketing heritage and linguistic capabilities. Our diverse network of in-market linguists covers a broad spectrum of sector experience and terminology.

Locaria is not a traditional translation agency. With our expertise in digital marketing, we truly offer all clients, in any sector, a unique solution for language services. It is this breadth of expertise across digital media that gives our clients the edge in global ecommerce and enables us to form long-lasting but vibrant relationships with our clients.

As our solutions are data led, we gain a strong understanding of the target audience. This insight brings huge advantage to our clients as we can then implement this knowledge across other localised media such as documents, voiceovers, and video.

From FMCG clients wishing to localise a global product campaign to a manufacturing business needing to translate and localise their global website, Locaria provides a tailored solution that is highly tailored for each audience. We ensure that investment in language services is supported by ROI and our localisation strategies cater for a wide variety of budgets, timelines and desired outcomes.

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