Luxury Goods

We support the global market share of leading luxury brands with a deep understanding of multi-channel synergies, brand keyword optimisation and localised customer engagement. Our expertise in complex markets, including MENA, APAC and Russia, delivers excellence in luxury digital marketing, while maintaining brand tone of voice in any language.

Delivering brand-authentic user experiences is essential for luxury goods marketing. With multichannel touchpoints, digital content is an essential part of the overall customer experience and purchase lifecycle. Effective PPC, SEO, Social and Affiliate marketing efforts must be carefully aligned to the wider brand media plan.

Localisation planning for each market and audience takes into careful consideration the culture, trends and tone of voice required for maximum customer engagement, while living and breathing the brand’s history. Locaria delivers precision insights which inform brands on how, when and with which digital marketing tactics to address each market. With important luxury markets in Asia, Russia and the Middle East, navigating linguistic complexity while maintaining marketing effectiveness is our strength.

Whether for an initial emerging market scoping test, or ongoing media planning for brands already established in markets, Locaria drives local efficiency with Performance Linguistics. Customers enjoy a user experience that is personalised to their requirements, and brands benefit from a digital strategy that is deeply aligned to all off-line marketing strategies.

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